Failing leadership 2.0

When Brad Wall rode off into the sunset from Saskatchewan politics in early 2018, ironically to take on an advising role with a Calgary law-firm, I was looking forward to not having to respond to his smooth rhetoric cautioning against meaningful climate action anymore. I knew his departure wouldn't change the Sask Party line, but … Continue reading Failing leadership 2.0


Where’s the prairie urgency?

Saskatchewan released its not-so hotly anticipated climate change plan this week, for which expectations were exceedingly low. This was justifiable in the wake of the government’s Climate Change White Paper of 2016, which was essentially an endorsement of the status quo. The new plan is called “Prairie Resilience: A Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy.” It’s a … Continue reading Where’s the prairie urgency?

Getting resources to market at any cost

This week Canada’s Liberal government made its priorities clear beyond doubt. By approving the Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas (PNWLNG) project it sent a resounding message that "getting resources to market" trumps its widely self-promoted commitments to both renewed relationships with Indigenous peoples and addressing climate change. Although the Liberals will contort themselves in an attempt … Continue reading Getting resources to market at any cost

Better regulation needed as we transition away from fossil fuels

As news broke of a major oil spill from a Husky Energy pipeline into the North Saskatchewan River last week, Brad Wall’s first reported public comment was that he hoped the spill wouldn’t make it more difficult to get new oil infrastructure built. Of course, it should. It was a telling response, though, from a Premier … Continue reading Better regulation needed as we transition away from fossil fuels